How Much Does It Cost to Register a Trademark in Australia?

1. Government charges

It depends on the type of application you choose, and the number of classes in which you wish to register your trade mark.

There are two types of application:

Headstart application filing fees

Headstart - Part 1 fee (new request): $200 per class

Headstart - Part 2 fee (official filing): $130 per class

Total: $330 per class

Standard trade mark application fees

With picklist: $250 per class

Without picklist: $400 per class

2. Our costs for filing a trade mark application

Our fees include all associated searches, advice and specification of goods and/or services to make sure your business is fully covered, and for ALL IN PACKAGE, we offer a refilling for free of charge (you only pay for government fee)

There are two packages:



More details of these packages, you can download here.

Download PDF • 150KB

3. Can you do it by yourself? Yes, there is no obligation in having a trademark attorney/lawyer apply for a trade mark on your behalf.

However, we recommend that you should use a trademark attorney/lawyer to make sure the registration happens smoothly because the protection of your brand is very important part of your business, and you need to do get it right the first time.

Need some advice on this?

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