How to apply for a trademark in Australia?

In Australia, there are three ways that you can apply for a trademark by using the online services. Of course, each method needs slightly different requirements and different fees:

  1. Using the pre-application services known as TM Headstart which provides an assessment of your trademark application before you officially apply your trademark. This method is suitable for someone who are unsure of the process of registering a trademark in Australia. And it costs an extra if you use this one.

  2. Using the standard online application process which is for those who have knowledge and skills in applying for a trademark application. So, the Trademark Attorney/Lawyer will often provide these services.

  3. Using the new and improved Trade Mark Assists which will allow you to explore your trademark, and identify the goods and services that you would like to protect. This means that the Trade Mark Assist will help you learn some of the trademark basic, explore your proposed trademark and identify some common mistakes before you officially apply for your trademark. Therefore, it takes your time to learn, understand and use it.

If you have any questions or concerns about trademark issues, feel free to contact us. MAYGUST TRADEMARKS are happy to assist you!