Why you should register your trademark?

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

MAYGUST TRADEMARKS provides you the benefits of registering a trademark as follows:

Firstly, a registered trademark is a legal protection for your name and logo because registering business names and company names do not stop others from using the same or similar name as a registered trademark as a registered trademark.

Secondly, a registered trademark can give you an immediate exclusive right to use the trade mark to promote your goods/services. Your trademark will last for 10 years from its filing date, and you can renew as many time as you want.

Thirdly, it is a deterrence: A registered trademark may prevent any third parties from using the same or similar trademarks in relation to the same or similar goods/services.

Next, it is a valuable asset: A registered marks can work as a property that can be sold or licensed. Therefore, it is considered as an asset of your company.

Last but not least, the use symbol ®: Only registered trade mark may use the ® symbol. It is an offence to use the symbol ® in relation to an unregistered trade mark.

Hope that this article helps you understand why you should register your trademark. If you have any questions or concerns about trademark issues, feel free to contact us. MAYGUST TRADEMARKS are happy to assist you!