PEPS_the first trademark application in Australia

Did you know that PEPS is the oldest known and first formally-registered trademark in Australia? The filing date of this mark is also the date that the Commonwealth Trade Marks Act 1905 come into effect, on 02 July 1906.

This mark was registered by Charles Edward Fulford for his products to treat coughs and colds in Class 5: Chemical substances prepared for use in medicine and pharmacy. One interesting thing is over 114 years later, the mark PEPS is still active on the register.

Furthermore, I have tried a quick search with the word PEPS in the IP Australia database, 165 results have returned with some results containing “PEPS” but under different goods and services classification (For example one trademark “PEPS” under Class 9: A computer data base of SA Petroleum exploration and production data). This might be considered that so far there is no trademark infringes on the first Australian trade mark.

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