Trademark, trade mark or trade-mark?

Have you ever felt confused when some law firms use the word trademark, others use trade mark or trade-mark? And which one is the correct, and you should use?

Today, Maygust Trademarks will help you know the answer. The answer is the spelling of the word trademark depending on which country you are from.

Currently, there are three common ways of using the word trademark

  • Firstly, trade mark is typically the British spelling. So, you will often see the IP firms/agents in UK, Australia and New Zealand use this word, and even in the official document of IP Office of those countries. For example, you can check out at website of IP Australia.

  • Secondly, trademark is the American spelling. Especially, this is also used by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). You can see easily see this word use in the documents from American firm/company or website of WIPO.

  • Lastly, trade-mark is the Canadian spelling. However, currently most of the documents in Canada have been used trademark in stead of trade-mark. You can check out at the IP Canada here.

Hope that this article has helped you know the reason sometimes you see different versions of the word trademark, and also help you know which version you should use.

If you have any questions or concerns about trademark issues, feel free to contact us. MAYGUST TRADEMARKS are happy to assist you!

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