domain names coming to Australia from 24/03/2022.

From 24/03/2022, you can own a shorter domain name, instead of using: or, you can now own the domain name

Who can own this domain name?

Any individual or organization having a “presence” in Australia (Australian Presence)

This presence usually falls under the following circumstances:

  • An Australian citizen or permanent resident.

  • A sole trader, partnership, company, incorporated association, or trust with a current ABN or ACN.

  • A Registrable Body with an ARBN, Indigenous Corporation, Registered Organisation, Australian Cooperative, Australian Registered Charity, Australian Political Party, or Unincorporated Association.

  • Australian Educational Institution, Australian Government or Commonwealth Entity.

  • A foreign business with an Australian trade mark application or registration, provided the domain name is an exact match of the words of that trade mark.

Rules to register.

• Those who register first get first.

• Except for pre-existing domain names such as “ or “” etc., there will be 6 months to apply for conversion (Priority Applications). For example:

· Nguyen owns:

· Tran owns:

These two have 6 months until September 29, 2022 to claim the domain name to

Principle of priority consideration?

As a rule, there are two types:

• Type 1: owned a domain name before or on 04/02/2018

• Type 2: owning a domain name after February 4, 2018

Whoever is in category 1 will have priority over category 2

If both are type 1, the two parties will negotiate to see who will hold, if not, they will not give it to anyone. And this domain name will be granted to anyone who continues to claim priority next year, but on the condition that only one person is granted, if negotiable.

If both are type 2, which means that they own the domain name after February 4, 2018, whoever owns it first will have priority.

Key takeaways

• Check the domains you own

• Consider yourself or a business that needs to buy the domain name

• If you want to own the domain name "", you should register it from March 24, 2022.

• If there is a name you really want, you can consider buying that name with the extension “” or “” in advance so that by March 24, 2022, you just need to make an application get the domain name ending ".au"

• If you already own the domain name “” or “” and want to change it to “.au”, remember to submit your application from March 24, 2022 to September 24, 2022 to have chance to change to “.au”.

In addition to trademarks, domain names are also one of the commercial signs that create an impression of association with customers, especially in the current booming information technology era. Therefore, interested individuals or businesses can consider owning a suitable domain name. If you need to register for trademark protection, please contact us.

If you want to protect your brands in Australia, New Zealand and worldwide, feel free to contact us. Maygust Trademark Attorneys are happy to assist you!

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